My name is Magnus Londen, I’m a Finnish journalist and travel writer based in Helsinki. My specialities are feature writing and travel pieces, most of which are published in Swedish and Finnish. I'm also the founder and main owner of Come to Finland Publications, our speciality is creating designer products based on vintage Finnish travel posters. Go to our website.

Texts in English
The Swedish and Finnish versions of my website contain excerpts from my books as well as approximately 300 articles, profiles, reviews etc. But until your Swedish or Finnish is fluent enough, you can spend some time reading the feature articles that have been translated into English.

E-books and classic books available
PDF versions of some of my books, which are sold out, can be ordered via the website. These are available in Swedish and Finnish.

Radio & tv-show
If you want to practice your Swedish, which you should ; )  then why don't you tune into my weekly radio talk show, which I host at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle), on the Swedish-speaking channel Radio Vega. Podcasts and streaming audio are of course also available. The name of the programme is Eftersnack. The programme is also broadcast on tv on Yle FEM, it's a kind of sneak peep into the radio studio, Sundays at approx 3.00 PM.

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Please contact me if you have any further queries and questions:

E-mail: manu(at)magnuslonden.net

The English version was founded in August of 2006
Latest update: Dec 27, 2015

This book started it all. ”Come to Finland – Posters and Travel Tales 1851-1965” was published in 2007-2008 in four different language editions. Since then a LOT has happend, and now I'm the founder of and Creative director (sounds neat, eh?) at Come to Finland Publications. Well, just go on, read more...

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Picture show

You can also view slideshows from assignments made to Japan, Maramures (Romania), and the Pyrenees.